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If you’re looking for amazing deals on hot tubs and spas in the Washington area, then visiting our showroom in Chelan is a must! Whether you’re looking to complete your backyard oasis with one of our world-renowned Jacuzzi® hot tubs or with other high-quality outdoor living products like patio furniture, barbeques, and other lifestyle products, the experts at Swim World can help! We can help you determine your needs and recommend products to meet your unique lifestyle and budget! Explore the wide selection of Jacuzzi® hot tubs and spas on display in our showroom to learn more about each one’s amazing features and benefits. So, if you’re looking for hot tubs for sale in Washington, be sure to visit our showroom in Chelan to take advantage of our amazing deals!

With a rich native history dating back centuries, the beautifully scenic Chelan community is located along the Southeast end of Lake Chelan, about 160 miles east of Seattle. Downtown Chelan contains much of the city’s original architecture and the town’s historic features. While the population is only about 4,000 strong, the warm summer months typically bring over 20,000 tourist and part-time residents, all of whom come to enjoy the beautiful sites and rich natural landscapes. The Chelan community takes great pride in preserving the area’s natural beauty. From parks like the Chelan Riverwalk Park to the thriving gardens and manicured lawns of residents’ homes, it’s no wonder why so many people come to enjoy the great outdoors. So, if you’re looking to get more out of your outdoor space by exploring hot tubs and spas or other high-quality outdoor living products, visit your friendly neighborhood Swim World today!

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  • “I was very surprised by the large selection of Jacuzzi hot tubs and spas that Swim World has. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and helped my husband and I pick the best model for us, which turned out to be the J-480 hot tub. They also have a great selection of hot tub supplies, so we were able to stock up on all of the chemicals and water test kit that we needed while we were there, without having to go to another store. Great service, great selection, would definitely recommend Swim World for hot tubs and spas.”

    - Diane R.

  • “I went to Swim World to buy a smoker for my backyard because a friend recommended them. They had a great selection of reasonably priced outdoor BBQ smokers from top brands like Big Green Egg and Weber. The employee that showed us the different models was extremely helpful and even showed us the model he had in his own backyard. He discussed the different features and advantages of each model I was interested in and helped me make a more informed decision when it came to purchasing my smoker. So far, I love it!”

    - Derek F.

  • “The staff at Swim World was extremely professional and helpful when I was looking into getting a hot tub. I’d been on the fence for years about getting a hot tub and took a chance by stopping into Swim World on my way home one day. They took the time to walk me through their hot tubs and spas on display, explaining the different features and benefits of each, and even asking me about my needs to help me choose the best option for me. That visit convinced me that it was time to invest in a hot tub. I later brought my wife in to do a wet test in the model I chose, and we purchased it not soon after. Thank you for providing such amazing service!”

    - Lorenzo D.

  • “Swim World has a great selection of high-quality outdoor living products. They have a number of different outdoor patio furniture displays so you can sit and try them out and even take measurements. We ended up buying a couch and chair set made by Telescope because I was impressed with the overall quality and price. I also loved that they also had a bunch of really stylish backyard accessories and decorations to help me pull my outdoor space together. I’ve since been back a few times to pick up new accessories for my backyard. Definitely a great place for outdoor décor.”

    - Erika A.
  • “We were redoing our backyard this summer and decided on getting a hot tub. After being disappointed and the quality and selection at a hot tub store near our home, my wife and I took the 15-minute drive to Swim World and were extremely impressed with their selection of Jacuzzi hot tubs and spas. They had a lot of different models on display and the staff were great in helping to explain the differences between them. They even have a lot of other products like outdoor patio furniture and BBQs, so if you’re redoing your backyard, it’s kind of like a one-stop-shop! It was nice to be able to find everything we needed in one location.”

    - Kenny B.


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