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  • Jacuzzi Spa Shock 3kg


    Spa shock is again out of stock! We are expecting more shipments soon. Use the chat if you would like to receive an email when it is back in stock. Shock your hot tub and get rid of nasty surface oils with Jacuzzi Brand Spa Shock. Spa Shock is to be used in combination with your choice…

  • Capo-Chlorine-Tabs-2kg


    There are different types of chlorine treatments available to spa owners. We believe stabilized chlorine in tablet or granular form is best suited for outdoor spa use. Spa Boss Tabs are 90% available chlorine and offer a continual slow release of disinfectant. *Tabs require a feeder or skimmer basket to dissolve. Features/Benefits Controls bacteria and…

  • Aqua 8x24 Solar Blanket

    Aqua 8×24 Solar Blanket


    Thermo-Shield™ Solar Blanket Pool Cover Designed for maximum heat transfer, our new Thermo-Shield™ blue/black solar blanket outperforms the others by increasing the water temperature over 25% above conventional solar blankets!

  • 8x8 Solar Cover

    Aqua 8×8 Solar Cover


    One of our most popular items ! Save money on energy bills with a Thermal Blanket for your spa ! 8’x8′ Blanket floats on water underneath regular spa cover to cap heat in. A must for outdoor spas in the winter ! Great for indoor spas too ! “Hot Tub Thermal Blankets Save You Money…

  • Jacuzzi Artesian Spas Filter

    Aqua Artesian Spas Filter


    6CH-352 Artesian Filter Cartridge Diameter: 6″ Length: 8″ Handle Top Bottom/Core: 2″ MPT 35sq ft

  • Aqua Bullfrog Catalina Dynasty Filter

    Aqua Bullfrog Catalina Dynasty Filter


    40 sq. ft. Master Deluxe replacement spa cartridge filter model M60401 replaces the following hot tub filter models in Canada: Unicel 6CH-940 Pleatco PWW50P3 Filbur FC-0359 Master Deluxe M60401

  • Aqua Clean and Perfect

    Aqua Clean and Perfect


    The World’s Greatest Cleaner! Clean & Perfect is an enzyme-based product that is formulated for use on indoor/outdoor hard surfaces. It is safe for use on plastic, cement, ceramic, stone, vehicle interior/exterior, areas around the pool, etc. NOTE: Test a small area for colorfastness before using. Features/Benefits For use on all hard surfaces such as…

  • Filter Debris Trap

    Aqua Filter Debris Trap


    The filter is used on the following Jacuzzi Hot Tubs: All J500 series 2015+ All J400 series 2013+ J400 2012 models J495, J425 and J415 All J300 series 2014+ NOTE: THIS IS BAG DOESN’T HAVE THE SAME SHAPE AS THE 2013 AND OLDER J-300 SERIES BAG This is not the same bag as 6570-392

  • Aqua Filter Pair C-4401


    This is the replacement filter for these manufacturers: Beachcomber hot tubs, CanSpa, Apollo Spas, Sunrise Spas, Sundance Spas, and many others. Sold in pairs to give 35 sq. ft. of filtration surface Part # -Unicel C-4401 – Filbur FC-2386 – M4302 OEM Part Numbers: 817-3510 17-2606 6000-134 R173432 Size: Outer Diameter: 5″ (127mm) Length: 4 5/8″…

  • Aqua Fix A Leak 32oz

    Aqua Fix-A-Leak 32oz


    If you have a hard to get to leak in your hot tub, Fix A Leak is a product for you. Made specifically to quickly solve leak repairs for spas and hot tubs. If you have a hard to get to leak in your hot tub, Fix A Leak is a product for you. Made…

  • Aqua GFCI 60A-KIT Siemens 60 Amp GFCI c/w 125 Amp Outdoor Panel

    Aqua GFCI 60A-KIT Siemens 60 Amp GFCI c/w 125 Amp Outdoor Panel


    125 Amp 60 Amp two-pole GFCI included 2 extra spaces for branch circuits Outdoor rated UL Listed

  • Aqua Life Spa Bar (Floating Drink Tray)

    Aqua Life Spa Bar (Floating Drink Tray)


    The floating and inflatable Spa Bar from Life Spa is the perfect fit for any hot tub! Blow up the main air chamber of the floating refreshment bar and let the Spa Bar float on your hot tubs water. You can also fill the side chamber with water to allow the Spa Bar to sit…

  • Aqua Natural Chemistry Metal Free 1L

    Aqua Natural Chemistry Metal Free 1L


    Detailed Product Description Spa Metal Free is a highly effective metal chelating agent that protects against staining and discolouration from trace metals such as iron and copper. Spa Metal Free should be used as part of a well-designed spa maintenance program. Spa Metal Free does not raise phosphate levels in spa water like many other…

  • Aqua Phosfree 2L

    Aqua Phosfree 2L


    Why use PHOSfree? Phosphates are constantly invading your pool water. What are phosphates? Phosphates are a primary nutrient or food source for algae*. If you starve algae from this important food source, it cannot grow. Phosphates enter your pool from a variety of sources, including: lawn & garden fertilizers chemicals & cleaners rainwater & fill…

  • Aqua QuickVac Spa Vacuum

    Aqua QuickVac Spa Vacuum


    pa & Hot Tub Quick Vac with NO MOVING PARTS Quickly removes dirt, debris and grit from your Spa or Hot Tub. Ready to Use. Even removes gravel and heavier debris like broken glass. This QuickVac is easy, fast and safe to use. This product is for above-ground hot tubs/spas and helps remove dirt, sand…

  • Aqua REAGENT OTO 1/2oz

    Aqua REAGENT OTO 1/2oz