Jacuzzi® ClearRay Bulb


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Fits all Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi Spas with ClearRay UV. Replaces Sundance Spas part 6472-857 and Jacuzzi Spas part 6473-091.

Treats water with the power of nature-inspired UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens resulting in clean fresh water.
A natural part of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy generated by the sun.
UV-C light Made in USA 20% longer replacement bulb replaces all previous part numbers.
Treats 99.9 percent of waterborne pathogens.
Effectively interacts with the DNA of bacteria and viruses destroying their ability to reproduce.
Is a natural process that adds no by-product to your hot tub water.
Displays the blb error message.

The worst thing about buying a part online is not knowing if it will fit.  The best thing about the ClearRay bulb is that it comes directly from Sundance Spas in the manufacturer’s sealed box so you know it is the correct bulb for both Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi Spas
Comes with a latex glove to protect the bulb and your hand while installing