Aqua Clean and Perfect


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The World’s Greatest Cleaner! Clean & Perfect is an enzyme-based product that is formulated for use on indoor/outdoor hard surfaces. It is safe for use on plastic, cement, ceramic, stone, vehicle interior/exterior, areas around the pool, etc.

NOTE: Test a small area for colorfastness before using.


  • For use on all hard surfaces such as vinyl, pool covers, spas, spa covers, decks, garbage containers, skimmers, outdoor furniture, barbecues, tile flooring – the uses are endless!
  • Removes grease, grime, soot, residue from mildew, waterline rings, leaf stains, pet stains, and dead insects
  • Eliminates the strongest non-living organic odours on contact, even perspiration and pet accidents
  • Clean & Perfect is environmentally better and biodegradable. It contains no petroleum surfactants

Tips & Info

  • Strong and effective….you can allow the product to sit for over 5 minutes without causing harm to the surfaces.
  • Must test for colorfastness before using the product on vinyl liners.
  • It May be used on carpet and fabrics (must check for colorfastness first).
  • The Colour is an amber liquid.
  • Odour is a natural ingredient and not added perfumes.