4 Reasons To Use Your Hot Tub In The Winter

Are you looking for a new way to beat the stress that winter can bring?

Then look no further than your hot tub. While it’s true that Chelan gets more snow than the national average – a whopping 34 inches per year – that doesn’t mean you need to go into hibernation mode once December hits.

In fact, hot tubbing is a great way to get outside in the winter without freezing your nose off. Put on your warmest hat along with your bathing suit, a fluffy robe and boots, and head on out to your spa for a relaxing yet revitalizing dip.

In case you need more convincing, let’s examine the top four reasons to make your hot tub a part of your winter routine.

1. It Offers Health Benefits

The chilly winter weather often brings with it a surplus of colds and viruses. One great way to help prevent illness is a nightly soak in the hot tub. Regular dips can have a profound effect on your circulation. This is important because as your blood flows more quickly, your white blood cell count increases.

These tiny cells are your best defense against sickness because they target the areas of the body where germs or toxins are present. So, if you find yourself feeling under the weather, a good soak might just be what the doctor ordered.

2. It Offers Pain Relief

Arthritis pain is almost always worse during the winter season. And that’s because the snow and cooler temperatures result in a more sedentary lifestyle for many people, particularly seniors.

Even if you’re not able to get outside and exercise during the cold winter months, don’t worry. Daily hot tub use can offer arthritis and other chronic pain sufferers a lot of relief.

Heated water and jet massage work together to ease muscle tightness while increasing blood flow to injured joints and muscles.

As your circulation improves, you’ll notice less inflammation and better mobility. To really enhance the effects, try doing some light stretching while your muscles are warm and pliable.

3. It’s A Natural De-Stressor

Dealing with the impact of winter storms, from frantically shoveling the driveway to getting to work and school on time to driving on icy roads, can be stressful.

The best way to unwind after a white-knuckle drive or to soothe muscles sore from shoveling is soaking in your hot tub.

The warmth of the water, when paired with jet massage, will ease tension and help your muscles relax. The heated water also increases your endorphin production, leaving you with a sense of well-being and satisfaction.

4. It’s A Great Way To Be Social

If you’re running out of ideas for a unique winter party, look no farther than your backyard. That’s right, your hot tub is the ideal way to inject a little bit of life into a typical social outing.

Make sure your guests are well-equipped with bathing suits, warm robes, and winter hats, and have some party music ready.

You can relax and chat or try out some party games such as pass the bottle or spa ping-pong. It’s definitely a great way to make your party stand out from all of the rest.


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