Hot Tub Service in Chelan, Washington

  • Relaxing in a hot tub regularly can offer your body and mind with an extensive array of health benefits. From improved back pain and soothed arthritic joints, to reduced stress and an improved sleep, there are truly so many wonderful reasons to invest in a hot tub. Which provides you with all the more reason to provide your spa with routine service and necessary maintenance when the time comes. By scheduling routine hot tub service in Chelan, you can ensure that your hot tub will offer a quality performance and long-lasting quality, for many years to come. Our hot tub technicians can provide routine service, and inspect your system for any potential problem areas.

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    We offer the following services:

    • Cleaning
    • Repair
    • Filter cleaning
    • Filter replacement
    • Balance pH levels
    • Chemical treatments
    • Drain & refill

    Swim World has partnered up with the experts at Chelan Spa and Pool to bring you the best service possible. With many combined years of experience, we aim to bring you top notch services and hot tub maintenance solutions at exceptional prices. For quick and efficient hot tub service in Chelan, contact our experts at Swim World today using the form below.

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