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How to Care for Your Outdoor Products in the Winter

How to Care for Your Outdoor Products in the Winter

A great place for rest and relaxation, the backyard provides endless outdoor activities for families. From blowing bubbles, sunbathing or even curling on a couch and reading a book, backyards are havens for fun and entertainment. However, when the warm weather starts to fade, and the snow starts to fall, you’ll need to protect your outdoor living products from the extreme winter weather. We show you how in three easy steps to ensure your outdoor furniture stands the test of time. Read on for more!

How Long Should I Stay Inside a Hot Tub For?

How Long Should I Stay Inside a Hot Tub For?

Coming home after a long day to enjoy a soak in your Jacuzzi® hot tub helps relax your body and alleviate stress from the daily grind among other amazing hydrotherapy wellness benefits. However, it’s important to know how to enjoy your hot tub safely to reduce health risks associated with misuse.

In this article, we review the different factors that play into your hot tub sessions to give you a better understanding of how long you should stay in your hot tub. Read on to learn more!

7 Reasons Why You Need a BBQ in Your Life

7 Reasons Why You Need a BBQ in Your Life

Is summer even summer without a BBQ? The grill is often a focal point for summer get-togethers for many different reasons. In this article, we explore seven of those reasons to show you why you need a BBQ in your life! Interested? Then let’s get cooking!

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Hot Tubs You'll Love

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Hot Tubs You'll Love

Taking a dip in the hot tub is a great way to blow off steam and relax, but did you know that they can also improve your health? It’s true! The hydrotherapeutic jets and warm water can work wonders on your body, making a hot tub a long-term investment in your quality of life. In this article, we dive into seven of those amazing hot tub health benefits that you’re sure to love. Read on to learn more!

5 Hot Tub Exercises That You Will Absolutely Love


Have you ever tried to run or walk in knee-deep water in your hot tub?

That resistance you feel, as you push against the water to move forward, while the water pushes back to slow you down is called hydrodynamic drag! And it’s good for you! Especially when it’s carried out in a fun and systematic way. To get more out of your hot tub than just rest and relaxation, keep reading as we uncover five simple hot tub exercises for improving muscle tone and easing muscle tightness.

What is Hydrotherapy?

frothy water splash

Have you heard of hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a fantastic way to restore health and wellness through the therapeutic use of water. It’s one of the oldest and safest ways to treat many ailments, from fibromyalgia and arthritis to sore muscles and restlessness. If you’re a hot tub owner, you’re probably already aware of some of the health benefits that owning a hot tub can bring. If not, then read on and discover why owning a hot tub makes it possible to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy from the comfort of your own home.

Top 10 Benefits of Using a Hot Tub Regularly

Hot tub overlooking a beautiful meadow.

Are you thinking about buying a hot tub? With all the wonderful and life-changing benefits that they offer, we don’t blame you! There are so many motivations to invest in a backyard spa. Regardless if you suffer from arthritis or other pain-inducing health conditions, or if you simply want to reinvent your backyard, we can assure you that a hot tub will bring you what you seek and so much more. Let’s look at the top 10 benefits of owning a hot tub!

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